Backup your data to your private server easily and securely

Start backing up your data in seconds to Castletech Cloud. Pick a plan, start uploading your data. Simple & secure.

Canadian Datacentres

Your data is securely stored in our Canadian datacentres and never crosses a border.

Ship to your door

We will restore data to you via SCP, SFTP, USB thumb drive, SD card, SSD, DVD, or hard drive. We also ship directly to your door.


We log every transaction and connection to our servers to keep a watchful eye on your data.

Fully Encrypted

Connections to our servers are fully encrypted when you upload data, and remain encrypted when you store it on our systems. Furthermore, you don't share space with other customers.

Destroy on Command

Need to destroy your data instantly? Safety Destroy feature allows you to blow your data away quickly.

Scale your needs

Sometimes you can't anticipate growth. No problem; we can scale plans according to need without needing register for a new plan.

Plans & Pricing

Secure storage at a great price. Pick a plan from the list below.


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The process of backing up and restoring your data

Step 1: Identify the data on your computer you want to backup.

Step 2: Send your data to the Castletech Cloud using one of our many accepted protocols.

Step 3: Your data is stored in our primary Canadian datacentre.

Step 4: Your data is automatically synchronized with our additional Canadian datacentre sites for redundancy.

Step 5: Your requests for data are fulfilled via one of many available protocols or by sending you a physical medium such as a hard drive or DVD.